The Frank Mountain


♘ مدیریت انجمن اسب ایران ♞
As its name indicates it, the cradle of the race Frank-Mountain is located in the area of Saignelégier (the Jura Swiss). This region consists of high plateaus strewn with wooded pastures (average altitude: 1000 m). With its calcareous ground and its great extents, this medium is very favorable to the development of a resistant and sober horse.

The “Frank-Mountain” current is the one century result of rigorous selection whose genetic base takes its origin in the mares autochtones like in Anglo-Norman male stocks mainly. In the Seventies, a contribution of Swedish blood contributed to improve the model and the paces, thus bringing a key of elegance to the race.

The modern type of the “Frank-Mountain” is a horse expressive, rustic, resistant, flexible and equipped with a pleasant temperament. The mares are very fertile and maternal.

Of a height to the variable garrot between 150 and 160 cm, the horse Frank-Mountains are generally bai or chestnut horse, with all the nuances of dresses. One more rarely finds of the gray, black horses or rouans. Its aptitudes for the pack, the saddle or the feature are remarkable.

It is appropriate perfectly for the attachment of competition, the trekking, assembles it American, the equestrian rallys or the horsemanship of leisure. It remains also an excellent complement with the tractor in the farms and provides remarkable performances in sylviculture (unloading).​