♘ مدیریت انجمن اسب ایران ♞
Waler is originating in Australia. In fact, there are no native horses of Australia. The first ancestors of Waler (a standard, three mares, a male foal and of filly of mainly Spanish blood) came from the Cape of Good Hope with the first wave of colonists in 1798. Then one imported of England of better horses. The hot and dry climate, the rich person and vast pastures support the breeding of horses, and the first thus multiplied without difficulty.

In 1810, Australia had 1.134 horses and 4.564 in 1821. One carried out many crossings with Arabs and Thorough-bred of great class, and the horse which in result, the beginning of the XIX ème century, the Anglo-Arab, of which it resembled much missed nothing any more but the name.

One appreciated it like saddle horse and it was extremely asked by the British cavalry the Indies. Unfortunately the race worsened quickly at the time of the gold rush with the XIX ème century. It is only at the beginning of this century that he knew his apogee, then mechanization brought the decline of this race as well in a number as in quality. So that today Waler represents more one type that a race. Waler lived its more hours during the second world war, one exported some more than 120.000 with the allied forces in India, in Africa, in Palestine and Europe. After the war, these horses, could not be repatriated because of forty in force in Australia. Consequently one massacred of it a great number in the desert on order of the government while one raised a monument with their memory in Sydney.

Waler is a robust, enduring and judicious horse. Its size is variable, preferably approximately 1.60 Mr. Her dress adopts all the frank colors

The physique of Waler varies considerably. The best has an energetic head, a right profile, open naseaux and long ears. The neck is well established on strong shoulders, good depth of breast piece, back and croup is powerful. The legs are clear and solid, the strong bulges.​