The Gift


♘ مدیریت انجمن اسب ایران ♞
Its name implies it, this Russian horse, was the mounting of the cossacks, alive on banks of the Gift. It has in goatskin bottles, is the proof of its value during the retirement of Russia of 1812. Throughout this time, the French horses tested by the cold and a too thin food, managed with difficulty to carry their rider and ended up dying per thousands. On the other hand, the small horses of the Gift, accustomed to manage to survive in the steppes, continued to gallop in snow under the saddle of the cossacks. With the XIX ème century, one sought to improve the race, for that, one imported standards Turkmènes, karabakhs, as well as others, of Eastern type, which one released in the steppes with the horses of the Gift. This cocktail gave an excellent saddle horse, with extraordinary strength.

There is high today in herds, in the Russian plains between Ukraine and Kazakhstan, and remains a horse of work very useful for the guards of cattle. Its size varies between 1.50m and 1.60m, and its dress is of all the frank colors.

Its a little dry aspect, its balances not always perfect, its short and not very elegant paces would tend to make forget an endurance and a resistance out of the commun run.​