Seabiscuit, America’s Most Charismatic Racehorse


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Another racehorse that earned enough fame to be entertainment worthy was Seabiscuit. A book, and a movie, and lots of tears have been made about this little horse with his big heart and the people who loved him. (All worth a watch or a read).

This awkward, ugly, lazy little horse ran it’s way into America’s heart in the thick of the Great Depression. He Quickly became a symbol of hope to the American people and spawned a massive blue collar interest in the sport.

Through heavy handicaps and injuries to both jockey and horse Seabiscuit continued to run like a champ. His popularity with the American people was not just for his running skills, in fact, Seabiscuit lost sometimes too. The public’s love of this animal is proof that horses can in fact possess charisma.

Once Tom Smith took over his training and put the half blind Red Pollard on his back, their unconventional training methods seem to put the run in Seabiscut’s heart. A heart truly made for racing considering he had his grandsire Man O’War’s blood racing through it.

seabiscuitHis most famous race by far was his long-awaited showdown with East Coast’s favored horse and Man O’War’s son War Admiral. Seabiscuit won this race against his uncle, further propelling his popularity with racing fans.

At the time he retired in 1940, Seabiscuit was financially the most successful racehorse in America. He died in 1947 of a heart attack at the age of 14 years old and his burial place is still only known to the Hughes family who owned him.

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