National arm of TURKMENISTAN


♘ مدیریت انجمن اسب ایران ♞
National arm of TURKMENISTAN

The horse in the center represents the Akhalteke horses, a famous breed of horses which come from a stable outside Ashkabat. Around the horse there are five "gils". Gils a pattern that you will find in the center section of every Turkmen carpet. Each of the main tribes of Turkmenistan has a defined pattern which would be used in all carpets made by that particular tribe. So the patterns also represent the five main tribes of Turkmenistan. On the outside there is cotton, since cotton is the main agricultural product of the country and, together with natural gas, the source of its wealth. On top their is the crescend as signal of Islam an five stars, representing the five velayats (i.e. provinces) of the country.​

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