♘ مدیریت انجمن اسب ایران ♞
While recalling that the current horses resemble their ancestors little, one can affirm that the Clippings are one of oldest and of most known of Europe. One announces a heavy horse in Plank to the prehistoric time, used like domestic animal, there is more than three thousand years. Its descendants were probably mountings of the nobility at the Average Age, and they are reproduced on the tables of the former Flemish Masters. At the time, the Clippings strongly were doubtless enriched by Andalusian blood and undoubtedly also of Eastern blood.

With the XIX ème century, the vagueness of trot pushed the stockbreeders to produce a lighter horse and more rapid, adapted better to the races than with work of farm. This orientation was fatal and caused its decline for him.

At the end of the First World War, there remained only three standards! In front of the gravity of the situation, some Dutch farmers included/understood the urgency of a fast and well taken action. Thus the race was saved which one rebuilt with Oldenbourgs standards.

At the time of the Second World War the Clippings knew a renewal of favour, because the motorized vehicles were done extremely rare. The farmers started again to ask it, it adapted to any work, and its population increased quickly.

In 1954, the Julianna Queen granted to the Company of breeding of the horse Frison, the title of Royal Company.

Nowadays, it is a plough horse, inspiring a certain nostalgia of our compatriots, a circus and saddle horse, where it makes wonder by its power and its obedience, but it remains before a whole horse merry, nice, honest and very sensitive. It measures approximately 1.50 Mr. Her dress is black. The other colors are not allowed, and even the white marks are to be avoided.

Fine, rather long head and lives, surmounted short ears and ranges on a rather strong neck. Very strong and compact body, projecting shoulders, round back-hand. Rather short and vigorous legs, with strong framework, covered pasterns of hairs. Hard and open shoes. Extremely provided tail and mane, the latter says one fall sometimes to ground. Energetic paces and some little exaggerated. Noble port.​