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Lucas Monteverde is an Argentine professional polo player, and a recent winner of the coveted Abierto Argentino, with the famous La Dolfina Team.

He was born in 1975, near the town of 25 de Mayo, Buenos Aires Province, at the estancia El Rincón. The ranch is run by his father Lucas and uncle Marcelo Monteverde, one of the world's most successful coaches.

Monteverde has played polo since a very early age and turned professional with a 5-goal handicap travelling to Europe. Today, Monteverde, has grown into one of the world's finest defensive players, well known for his outstanding work rate and horsemanship on the field. Currently with a 9-Goal handicap, Monteverde is among the world's elite polo players, playing for one of the strongest teams in the world: La Dolfina.

Monteverde's first Grand Slam win was at the 2005 Veuve Clicquot Cowdray Park Gold Cup, where he was called in as a late substitute for La Dolfina teammate Adolfo Cambiaso (regarded by many as the best polo player in the world). With a such a huge hole to fill, Monteverde led his team to victory with teammate Piki Alberdi over Black Bears, one of Britain's strongest teams.

Monteverde's most notable triumph to date, has been winning the 2005 Abierto Argentino (Argentine Open), the most important tournament in the world. With the La Dolfina team's 20-19 win over the then, unbeaten Ellerstina, the AAP raised his handicap from 8 to 9 Goals. The scoreline represented the highest scoring Abierto of all time, and despite Cambiaso's 15 goals, Monteverde's outstanding dexterity and work rate was extremely valuable to his team's victory.​

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Manuel Andrada

Juan Manuel Andrada - 2 goal handicap. Juan is 21 (in 2005) studying to be a Veterinarian at Universidad Nacional Rio Cuarto. He started playing polo when he was 12. He loves to play #3 or #4, and his best shot is the backhander. His favorite teacher was his father Canchi who was president of Rio Cuarto Polo Club, and he taught him to "intimidar al contra" (intimidate the opposition). Juan also feels it is very important to "mirar jugada y jugar pensando" (look the play and play the thought). Juan loves to Nachi Heguy (for his "mucha fuerze, garra") and Cambiaso (for his "talento"). His dream is to play an important cup in Argentina (like "La Bandera") with his father, his little brother (Agustin), and his friend "Pepperoni" (Nicolas Pieroni). His favorite Refran: "no por madrugar se amanece mas temprano." This means "pensando y paciencia" (thinking and patience) are important. Juan lives on his family horse farm - "Finca El Paisano" in Rio Cuarto where they keep about 30 polo ponies.

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Adolfo Cambiaso

Adolfo Cambiaso born April 15, 1975 in Cañuelas, Buenos Aires Province is an Argentine polo player, considered by many to be the best player in the world, and one of the few players with a 10-goal handicap, which he reached at the record age of 17 in the US and 19 in Argentina. He is often referred to as Adolfito

Early years
From a young age, his mother Martina de Estrada Lainez, encouraged her son and his half brothers to play polo. By the time he was 12 years of age, his handicap reached 1-Goal. A year later, with a 3-goal handicap, he won the Eduardo Heguy Cup with the La Martina team, playing with his father (also called Adolfo). With the San Diego team he won in 1988, at age 14, the Campaña del Desierto Cup, and then a year later the Renault Cup Open with La Martina, reaching a 6-goal handicap[


At the age of 16, (1991) he won the Gold Cup with Tramontana, and the Warwickshire Cup with Ellerston, both in England. In Argentina he won the El Gráfico Cup with La Aguada–La Martina, and with La Martina both the Renault Cup Open and the Cámara de Diputados Cup, obtaining a 7-goal handicap.

In 1992 he won a number of championships and cups, and significantly he started playing the Abierto Argentino de Palermo with the Ellerstina team. On his first match, against Los Indios, Adolfo scored 16 times to set the record of goals in one match. The championship ended with Ellestina's defeat at the final to Indios Chapaleufú Marlboro, and Adolfito with 9-goals handicap.

In 1993 he participated, and won a number of tournaments but didn't participate in the Abierto Argentino de Palermo.

In 1994 he won the Triple Corona (Abierto de Tortugas, Abierto de Hurlingham and Abierto Argentino de Palermo) with Ellerstina, and became the youngest player in polo history to reach 10-goal handicap, at only 19 years.

The following years brought more trophies, including in 1995 the World Cup of the Americas (U.S.) with White Birch, Copa República Argentina with La Martina in 1996, 1997 and 1998, the Queen's Cup and Prince of Wales Trophy (England) with Ellerston White in 1998 and 1999, the U.S. Open with Outback in 1999, 2000 and 2001, the Copa de Plata and Copa de Oro (Spain) with Outback in 1999, the Queen's Cup 2000 with Geebung, the British Open, Indian Empire Shield Cup and Warwickshire Cup in 2001 with Dubai, Gold Cup of the Americas 2002 with Jedi, Abierto de Hurlingham 2001, 2002 and 2006, and 'Abierto Argentino 2002 with La Dolfina.

He received several distinctions, among them the Olimpia de Plata award as the most important Argentine polo player of 1997, best player at the final of the Abierto Argentino 1997, and the record of 67 goals, in the 1998 Abierto Argentino. He also plays for the Argentine national team since 2002, when he won the Copa Quilmes.

Adolfito played his only matches in Continental Europe at the Cartier Polo Silver Cup Gstaadlink title, one of the largest handicap 18 summer polo happenings worldwide, playing for Cadillac, and - of course - winning this high-goal tournament against reputed high-goal teams

In 2005, with La Dolfina team consisting of himself, Lucas Monteverde, Mariano Aguerre and Bartolome Castagnola, they again won the coveted Abierto Argentino at Palermo, triumphing over the, then unbeaten, Ellerstina team consisting of the two Pieres brothers, Facundo and Gonzalito (both 10 goal players), and their cousins the Macdonoughs. The final score 20-19, represented the highest scoring Abierto's final ever, with Cambiaso scoring 15 of his teams 20 goals, including the golden goal in extra time.[5]. In 2006, La Dolfina team won again the Abierto Argentina, this time 14-13 against La Aguada

Of his horses, the most notable were Lili, Ilusión, Sospechosa, La Osa, and his favourite; Colibrí. Today one of his best polo horses was indeed his world famous stallion Aiken Cura. The leading Argentine polo stallion, was seriously injured during the final of the 2006 Argentine Open and has suffered further setbacks in treatment of the broken bone in his near forleg. The unfortunate injury happened in the extra chukka and the horse was taken off in the horse ambulance, over the road to the Race Hospital to be treated. It forced Curas early retirement from the polo field. After amputation a prothesis was fitted but sadly due to complications Aiken Cura had to be euthanized in January 2007 [6]. Nowadays his most recognized horses are Mambo and Cuartetera.

La Dolfina won again the Argentine Open in 2007, defeating Ellerstina by a final score of 16-15 with golden goal in extra time scored by Lucas Monteverde. Two weeks after the final the Asociación Argentina de Polo announced the new handicaps, and Monteverde was raised to 10 points. With Monteverde's new handicap La Dolfina became the fourth polo team in history with the perfect value of 40 goals of handicap.

Adolfo is married to one of South America's noted models, Maria Vazquez although there have been rumours of marital problems. They have two children Mia, and Adolfo jr. Adolfo jr was born during the Abierto Argentino, in the middle of a qualifier against Centauros-Beaufort, which his father left half-way through in order to be present at the birth of his first son​

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